Monday, January 29

today. wanling told me tt jacky has a new album titled 好久不见.
to all my friends out there. 真的.. 好久不见了..hope all of u are doing jus fine..
those in army stay strong stay happy stay healthy :D
those at work stay bubbly n cheerful.

to my special wenli. i love n respect u fer ur maturity. fer u being u. all along. uve always been the heart person. but its been so head this time. it may not b the happiest decision. but uve seen it to be rgt. n i want u to noe tt. no matter what it is. ill walk with u every step of our way. thru every sunrise n sunset :)

my buddy said. 两个人有缘就是有缘.没有多久都会散. well i agree. like the two of us. ye suan you yuan le. haha. yea. ye suan le. its interesting.

im tryin to stick two parts of two songs tog.its impossible. n driving me crazy haha. tu xie.cant take it la. n im scared kang kang beat me into pulp.

abit incoherent. works getting on track. busier. funner. less time to slp. n getting to work by bus. is mad hahahah!

ok i shall try to change the pitch of my yin yue><



n i love u too.