Sunday, April 8

上个星期,我起笔了。。 可惜,终究还是无法完成。

这封信, 有始却无终。 注定的。


可能或许有一天,会有机会,把内容公诸于世。 但有所谓吗。。


Thursday, February 1

its early in the morning n suddenly im wondering why in the world im not slping at home but instead blogging haha. answer being im at work n chris isnt in so he hasn koped my com haha. but anyway he jus sent me an sms to ask me to produce some docs fer him. haha. how exciting :p

anyway. theres dance prac tonight. quite an exciting prospect i must say..meeting zhu to (maybe) further our choreography haha. dance on tues was quite funny cox we taught 4 eight counts and its jus. hehe. funny : ) i think my dancers always make the week surprisingly happy haha. somehow theres the magic bout them. ppl like kang kang who scares me but is (actually) an angel haha. im surprised i said that. ok but then i think shes 身在福中不知福. hahaha. someones alrdy the perfect man haha. hai you shen me hao complain de rgt? well. but yao qiu gao. ye bu shi bu hao hahha!

and then theres zhu. she looks like she came out of a war zone the other day cox she had ot n was rushing down. poor fated. must jian chi! then when we were teachin every two secs there will b the. er. xin u doing that ah. im doing this eh. then we will think. n change ahahha. quite funny. we're not the von kind who will diao hao then teach.. not too good la. abit scary haha. we'll see what happens today! haha.

n se! whos so ke ai. goodness she brings alot of laughter into prac! thank goodness theres her : D n shes getting flexer n flexer i completely agree with kangkang. tts a veh good thing. n its fine if its a single pirouette now haha. it will soon be two. if u can ban hou tui last yr. anythings possible hahaha.

(happy bday char i hope u liked the card!)

The movie happy birthday has a veh striking progression. interesting n ol romantic haha.

its true. its nice to have someone looking out for u.




有个朋友说过, 感情的事他报以一生一世的期望,所以也因此悬在投入或退后的决定。其实觉得在现代爱情故事的城市里这样的人并不是绝种了。只不过,可能是坚持得太短罢了。有个固定的避风港并不错,谁都想有属于自己的情歌。


Monday, January 29

today. wanling told me tt jacky has a new album titled 好久不见.
to all my friends out there. 真的.. 好久不见了..hope all of u are doing jus fine..
those in army stay strong stay happy stay healthy :D
those at work stay bubbly n cheerful.

to my special wenli. i love n respect u fer ur maturity. fer u being u. all along. uve always been the heart person. but its been so head this time. it may not b the happiest decision. but uve seen it to be rgt. n i want u to noe tt. no matter what it is. ill walk with u every step of our way. thru every sunrise n sunset :)

my buddy said. 两个人有缘就是有缘.没有多久都会散. well i agree. like the two of us. ye suan you yuan le. haha. yea. ye suan le. its interesting.

im tryin to stick two parts of two songs tog.its impossible. n driving me crazy haha. tu xie.cant take it la. n im scared kang kang beat me into pulp.

abit incoherent. works getting on track. busier. funner. less time to slp. n getting to work by bus. is mad hahahah!

ok i shall try to change the pitch of my yin yue><



n i love u too.

Wednesday, January 17

hellos.. at work now but decided to drop a short post cox otherwise cobwebs will grow on my blog again.. considering tt i dun really go online much (or at all) nowadays hahaha.

yester my darling chinese dancers had a prac session tog. our first of the year and it was really quite hilarious. first we had kang kang who came in a flurry n started to complain n talk at a volume such tt the entire canteen could hear her hahaha. but i pity her feet n those uncomfortable shoes that shes stuck in haha. hopefully her shoes morph to fit her toes better><

then we had char who wasnt too pleased with the pay she gets. of cox la. who will be haha. then se's job is nice relaxing n she gets buffet lunches haha. fated is forced to go lunch n go home by her boss. im jus like that. huiqing jus came back from laos n is quite happy being free hahaha. linettes at gleneagles. so with everyone everywhere. jus imagine the amt of talking n yakking n complaining n everythin we did. its really veh funny. n i love them : ) i love my kumpung of highly flex dancers hahaha.

yes n when we finally started dancing it was more of stretching muscles that havent been stretched in like. 6 months haha. feels veh shuang even though its sore hahaha. ok no steps could b taught cox fated n i haven came up with anythin>< but nvm we will soon. i think haha. if not kang kang will chop us..

daddys coming back from china today. he jus went chengdu with us on holiday now he went again>< oh well. how lucky lor. the food/fruits/scenary r all veh good. n like. even the weather is quite good. except the fog tt id otherwise tolerable also la haha. which means i shall go to the airport later to walk around n wait fer his flight to arrive. bravoo :) airport trips are interesting cox u see so many ppl comin n so many ppl going. n its an interesting feeling seeing how ppl are received. n how they say goodbye. 其实离别未必要惆怅, 因为短暂的分离才会渴望重遇.


next week's work will b less reading n more moving around. oh well. 随遇而安 :D

ok. i better go now haha. take care everyone. esp those in tekong n those going haha.
不怨不悔 难有相同的感情给谁
对与不对 由时间体会
谁不是这样以为 骗自己忘了无所谓
却事与愿违 往事轻扣我心扉

午夜梦迴 怕景物憔悴
怎能不这样以为 没有你尝遍痛苦的滋味
是我太沉醉 让思念步步相随

我用情付諸流水 爱比不爱可悲

n i love u too.